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Nintendo Switch Pro – News

Since the launch of Nintendo Switch in 2017, rumors of upcoming iterations have been circulating. Here, we explore if the much-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro is still a possibility and give our insight into the news and rumors surrounding it.

What We Know About the Nintendo Switch Pro

One analyst believes that the next Switch could be arriving as soon as 2021. These rumors were further fueled by a recent Nvidia leak, with many speculating it to power the Switch Pro.

Earlier this year, some parts of the U.K. government accidentally leaked some information about the Switch Pro. Looking at the report from the Competition and Markets Authority, there was one line that suggested the company could be offering “cloud gaming service” on the device.

Speculation has been high that the gaming console will feature 4K output capability. However, we’d love to see a Switch that could actually output a 4K signal, even if it needs to use upscaling or chequerboard rendering.

The original Switch uses a mobile-centric Tegra chipset and while Nintendo hasn’t typically been focused on cutting-edge graphics, it’s possible it won’t suffice in the next generation or Pro Switch. We believe they may be opting for something more powerful.

Are We Still Likely to See a Pro Switch?

At this point, there is still no confirmation from Nintendo on the possibility of a Pro Switch. All of the rumors circulating have yet to be substantiated and due to the current climate, it’s difficult to know what is really going on behind the scenes.

The fact that the original Switch remains popular and continues to sell significantly may be a factor in the delay of the Pro. Although Nintendo has yet to make any announcements, this could mean they want to focus on the success of their current console before testing out a new edition.

If they were to introduce a Pro Switch, it would definitely be interesting to see how they differentiate it from the standard model. In particular, it could be interesting to observe how they plan to incorporate aspects such as cloud gaming and 4K graphics.

Overall, it might take some time before Nintendo decides whether it’s worth working on a new version of the Switch. Until then, we’ll all have to continue speculating what the Nintendo Switch Pro could entail.

Nintendo has been cryptic when it comes to their plans and the possibility of a Pro Switch. Although they haven’t confirmed anything yet, the company has stated that their goal is to continue to surprise and delight players. This statement could be seen as an indication of something new in the works.

If we don’t see a Pro Switch, Nintendo could potentially just release an upgraded version of their current console with more memory or other features. In order for the Pro Switch to make a viable impact on the market, however, it will likely require some novel features beyond what the original Switch offers.

One such feature that could be included is a built-in camera. Adding an internal camera could open up a wide range of possibilities for the console, from motion control gaming to streaming capabilities. However, this would require a major hardware upgrade, making it an expensive feature to implement.

Another potential feature is a dock with a built-in screen. This could make the console more portable and allow players to take the experience with them on the go. It could also boost the viewing experience when using the console in handheld mode.

It’s also possible that the Pro Switch could come with a new controller design. This could include adding more buttons or changing the layout of the controller. This could make the Switch even more attractive to gamers who want a more advanced experience.

Additionally, the Pro Switch could have the capability of playing games designed for higher end consoles. This could increase the library of content available to Switch users and make the console even more appealing compared to its competitors.

Finally, the Switch Pro could be updated to support newer technology such as VR. This could make the console even more immersive for gamers and make it stand out in the crowded gaming market.

The reality is, no one really knows exactly what a Pro Switch will look like, or if it will ever become a reality. Until Nintendo makes an official announcement, all we can do is speculate on what the next iteration of the Switch might bring.

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